Watch: Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Tom Holland Nearly Set On Fire During Photoshoot


Tom Holland might be the best live action Spider-Man to date and he’s about to show off his talents in the wonderful looking Spider-Man: Far From Home. But he almost made a cameo appearance as the Human Torch, if the footage below is anything to go by.

It comes from a photoshoot for Man About Town magazine. For some inexplicable reason, Holland was asked to sit on a wooden chair as the tide laps in around his feet, with the twist that one of the chairs is on fire. Clearly, he’s been told to play it as cool as possible, but the fire spreads across the chair and almost sets him ablaze. I guess those Spidey reflexes must have rubbed off on him.

While he would’ve been able to quickly run into the sea to put himself out, this seems like a needlessly dangerous (and odd) setup for a photo. Video of the whole shoot was released online as well, showing other shots of Holland looking hunky as hell on the beach. A surprising number of these shots contain fire of some kind though, leading one fan to comment:

Are we all just gonna pretend that we haven’t seen the video of him jumping off the chair because of the flames?

That said, the results have lit fires of their own within Holland’s considerable fandom, with the majority of reactions swooning over him soaking wet and emerging from the ocean, pouting mysteriously and gazing off into the middle distance in a nice woolly jumper. Or, as another fan put it:

Tom Holland is a perfect, beautiful creature of gods creation!!

Well quite. With Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters on July 2nd, we don’t have long to wait until we see him back in web-slinging action. At the moment, it looks like the film will repeat the stunning success of Homecoming, and now that it’s officially in the can, we expect some advance reactions very soon.