New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Expected To Drop Monday


A couple of days ago, Tom Holland took to Twitter to share two ominous words: “Monday morning…” And while fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that another Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer might be on the way, there was still some room for doubt, not least because the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is only one of three films that the actor is confirmed to feature in this year.

Thanks to the official Spider-Man Films Weibo account, however, it’s now looking all but confirmed that Holland was teasing some Far From Home material. Earlier today, Twitter user Gavin Feng posted a screenshot of the Sony-run Chinese account sharing Holland’s post while adding their own vague tease that something big is imminent.

So unless Sony Pictures in China has simply misunderstood the situation, it’s looking very likely that the next batch of Far From Home footage is just two days away from dropping. In fact, this would fall very much in line with the promotion for Homecoming, which also released its second trailer on the last week of March. And with Shazam! and Avengers: Endgame both on the horizon, this seems like an ideal time for Sony to promote their next superhero movie in cinemas.

Speaking of Endgame, while both trailers for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel left much to the imagination, the first Far From Home trailer proved a lot more informative, teasing several new foes, the return of Nick Fury and even some early signs of romance between Peter and MJ. It’ll therefore be interesting to see if any big reveals have been saved for this next trailer, though you can expect Sony to be keeping a few secrets for when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5th, 2019.

Source: Twitter