Spider-Man Will Return To The MCU If Apple Buys Sony


When everything is said and done with this Sony/Disney tug-of-war, Spider-Man might just end up looking more like the Elongated Man.

In a new twist that not many people can say they saw coming, it appears that Apple could be eyeing Sony. And if that happens, the rights to Spidey will return to Marvel Studios. If you’ll recall, back in December we heard that Apple was, and still is, looking to get their piece of the pie in the streaming business and a Sony buyout is one of the quickest ways to get their feet wet and acquire a ton of content and IP. There are a boat load of interesting details involved in the deal, obviously, but one of the biggest is that apparently, if Sony sells out to anyone, the Spider-Man rights automatically go back to Marvel.

Sony’s CEO has repeatedly said that he’s not letting go of the company, but I seriously doubt he’d be able to say no to the right amount of money. And Apple would be the company that could wave that kind of dough around without batting an eye. Not to mention that the iPhone creator buying Sony sounds like the best thing for everyone right about now, as fans will get to see Spider-Man in the MCU and Sony might not churn out another dancing emo Peter Parker.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that Apple will definitely acquire the studio and even if they did, it’d be a long time before such a deal actually came to fruition. But still, it’s nice to know that not all hope is lost for Spider-Man returning to the MCU and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the tech giant eventually makes the move and gobbles up Sony. And sooner rather than later.