Avengers Fans Notice Curious Change Made To Korg In Endgame


Korg, as played by director Taika Waititi, instantly became a fan favorite after his scene-stealing supporting role in Thor: RagnarokMany were upset when the Kronan didn’t show up in Avengers: Infinity War, then, even though he was last seen on board the Asgardian vessel the Statesman with his pal Miek. Thankfully, both Korg and Miek returned for a hilarious cameo in Avengers: Endgame. Which actually made a subtle change to Korg’s design.

No, I’m not talking about the Hawaiian shirt. In the shot captured below, note that Korg has some patches of moss on his arms and legs. Along with Miek holding three slices of pizza at once, this serves as a humorous visual gag that demonstrates how slovenly the pair have got while living with the now super-sized Thor.

Kudos to Reddit user AmazingSpdrman1 for pointing this out. “In Endgame, you can see Korg has moss forming on his rocks that was not there in Ragnorok,” wrote the fan in his caption,”showing how gross the lives of the “boys” have become.”

Even though we didn’t see him for a year and a bit there, we had it on good authority that Korg would reappear. Following the success of Ragnarok, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige promised that there was a lot more of Korg and Miek to come in the MCU. So, don’t expect their Avengers: Endgame cameo to be the last we see of the two former contestants of the Grandmaster’s gladiator battles.

If Thor 4 happens, they’ll no doubt be back in that. Tessa Thompson recently revealed that a fourth solo venture for the God of Thunder had been pitched, with herself and Waititi expected to return. Chris Hemsworth has also made clear that he’d love to play the hero again. Given how popular the movie would surely be, we wouldn’t expect the project to be left to gather moss for long.

Source: Reddit