Squid Game Is No Longer The Most Popular Show On Netflix


All things must end eventually, and after 25 days in the top spot, Squid Game is no longer the most popular TV show on Netflix. It’s been an incredible run for the Korean cultural phenomenon, which has dominated the headlines like few other episodic projects this year, to the extent that people who haven’t seen it are starting to feel a little like social outcasts.

Spending seven consecutive days at the top of the Netflix charts is impressive enough, never mind three and a half weeks, but the return of the platform’s favorite sociopathic serial killer has finally managed to dislodge Squid Game. As expected, the third season of smash hit psychological thriller You sailed straight to number one after premiering on Friday, with fans lauding it as the best yet.

Penn Badgely’s Joe Goldberg may have a baby now, but that hasn’t stopped his relentless urges to get murdery, especially when Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn is in the equation and contributing just as much unhinged insanity to the dysfunctional family dynamic.

As per Bloomberg, the former Lifetime original is on track to exceed the viewing figures of its preceding seasons, with You racking up 43 million and 54 million streams across its first two runs. Squid Game was never going to hang around forever, but we’ll be curious to see if its cultural footprint diminishes now the show has been knocked off its Netflix perch.