Watch: Joe Goldberg Returns In You Season 3 Trailer


A Lifetime original series doesn’t seem like the kind of project that would explode in popularity to become one of the most-watched titles on the world’s leading streaming service, but You is hardly a run-of-the-mill TV show.

The misadventures of Penn Badgely’s Joe Goldberg captured the imagination of subscribers everywhere when the first season hit the platform, racking up 43 million streams in four weeks. Sensing something special was in their midst, Netflix decided to acquire the rights to the series and make it an in-house original, which led to Season 2 drawing in 54 million sets of eyeballs after debuting in December 2019.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, even when we’re talking about a serial killer, so we can expect October 15th’s premiere of Season 3 to dominate both the Top 10 and the cultural conversation when it lands in just a few short weeks. Following on from the recent teaser trailer, the full-length promo has now arrived to give us a better indication of where the story is headed.

Unsurprisingly, Joe and his new beau Love Quinn aren’t settling into domestic life, even with baby making three. Looking at how their relationship initially formed over psychopathy and murder, it isn’t going to be plain sailing for the couple, even by their twisted definition of what a relationship is. You has been characterized by outlandish twists and bonkers plot developments since day one; long may it continue.