Stan Lee Granted Restraining Order Against Business Manager


Life in the world of Stan Lee has taken a turn for the worst over the last few months.

Among other things, we’ve heard allegations of elder abuse (including the LAPD being called to Lee’s house), reports of hundreds of thousands of dollars being stolen from him, sexual abuse allegations against both Lee and his manager and, perhaps strangest of all, a story saying that someone’s been stealing Stan Lee’s blood in order to make a special ink to sign comics with.

There’s a lot of ins and outs to this twisted tale, but it appears that the man’s troubles aren’t done just yet. The other day, we learned that Lee was seeking a restraining order against his former business manager, Keya Morgan, amidst claims of elder abuse. Fired back in February after several years of working for Lee, Stan’s lawyer said in the filing that he “along with law enforcement and Adult Protective Services, believes that Mr. Morgan is unduly influencing Mr. Lee and isolating him.”

Now, we’re hearing that the court has granted the request, banning “Morgan from abusing, harassing or contacting Lee and requiring him to stay at least 100 yards away from him.” Of course, Lee’s former business manager is denying any and all accusations, telling TMZ the following:

“I have taken great care of Stan Lee for the past many years, and have never had a problem directly with Stan. I have a fantastic relationship with him for the past many years as he has stated countless times on the record and I literally saved his life once. I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false.”

Though Stan Lee is certainly getting on in age – he’s 95-years-old – it does seem like he’s still got most of his marbles. At least, judging by his video appearances on social media. As such, it’s left a lot of people wondering how things have gone so wrong for him in the past few months.

The most popular theory seems to be that the 2017 death of his wife, Joan, who he was married to for nearly seventy years, has left an administrative hole in his life that’s been filled by nefarious characters with designs on his fortune – one of whom appears to be Mr. Morgan. Whether that’s the cause of all this or not remains unknown, but as the strange, sad saga of Stan Lee continues to unfold, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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