LAPD Investigate Reports Of Assault And Battery At Stan Lee’s Home


Something seriously fishy is going on with Stan Lee at the moment.

Not only is he facing allegations of sexual misconduct involving nurses caring for him (along with a masseuse who claimed the 95-year-old propositioned her in a hotel room), but he recently discovered that an unknown person had written a $300,000 cheque from his account and that someone had purchased an $850,000 house using Lee’s money without his knowledge.

The latest disturbing twist is that the LAPD were called to his home yesterday, reportedly to investigate an allegation of assault and battery. While there’s been no official statement on the matter (with the LAPD only confirming that an investigation was happening on Lee’s block), it’s worrying that Adult Protective Services, which investigates charges of elder abuse, was in attendance. Could some asshole really have assaulted Stan Lee?!

Suspicion has immediately fallen on the comic book icon’s longtime manager and bodyguard Max Anderson, who’s been his right-hand man for most of his career. He’ll be familiar to fans who’ve seen Lee on the convention circuit, known for moderating panels and managing photo opportunities with the iconic Marvel creator. However, he’s also been convicted of assault in 2002 against his wife, for which he served a year in jail. In 2010, he was convicted of abusing his son, too, which brought him three years probation plus anger management counseling.

I don’t want to speculate too much on what might or might not have happened, as very little is confirmed (and what there is comes through the notoriously untrustworthy Daily Mail). But you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to put all those pieces together and form a pretty depressing, worrying picture of what might be going on in the Stan Lee household recently.