Marvel Mainstay Stan Lee Reveals Battle With Pneumonia


Marvel Comics legend and all-around industry titan Stan Lee is battling pneumonia.

In a heartfelt video posted to TMZ (see below), a softly-spoken Lee explained his decision to cancel recent Comic Con appearances, before thanking fans for their unwavering support.

Four weeks ago, the 95-year-old was rushed to hospital for an emergency check-up. He was released shortly thereafter, but it appears Lee was also diagnosed with pneumonia around the time of his admission. In better news, he appears to be on the mend, after telling viewers that the illness “seems to be getting better” now that he’s at home recovering.

I want you all to know I’m thinking of you, of course, I always think of the fans, and I hope you’re all doing well, and I miss you all. I miss your enthusiasm, I miss all your notes, all your photos and emails … and I want you to know that I still love you all. Maybe I’ll have some of this pneumonia knocked down, and we can have some real fun over the internet. Until then, excelsior.

Excelsior, indeed. Lee’s contribution to the comic book industry really is the stuff of legend, and the fact that Black Panther, a character he helped create alongside Jack Kirby, has dragged the MCU to new heights ($727 million and counting), ought to bring a smile to his face.

Truth be told, it’s been a trying time for Stan Lee, who has been faced with allegations of sexual harassment – allegations that both he and his agent categorically deny. As many as six care nurses have come forward to claim that Lee behaved inappropriately in their company, allegedly groping them and openly masturbating, only to try and intimidate them into silence. Nothing has been proven as yet, though, and from what we understand, there is currently no sign of a criminal investigation.

We’ll be keeping you right up-to-date on Stan Lee‘s condition though (not to mention those allegations) as time wears on.

Source: TMZ