Stan Lee Says That People Are Impersonating Him, Asks Fans For Help


In this week’s “what the heck is going on with Stan Lee now?” update, the comic book icon has taken to Twitter to warn fans that person or persons unknown have gained access to his social media accounts and are impersonating him online.

These Shadow Stan Lees are just the latest facet in a confusing and bizarre series of stories that have involved the LAPD visiting the Lee household amid reports of elder abuse, news of him being defrauded of millions of dollars by unscrupulous business associates, a $1 billion lawsuit against a Chinese holding company, accusations of sexual assault by nurses and masseuses and – definitely craziest of all – that someone had been stealing Stan Lee’s blood to sign limited edition comic books with.

Here’s what the legend had to say on Twitter earlier this week:

There’s even speculation as to whether this is the real Stan Lee and not another one of those pesky Shadow Stan Lees. It’s a real head-scratcher of a situation, to be honest.

Though Lee is 95-years-old, it seems like he has all his marbles judging by his video appearances on social media – so what’s going on? The working theory is that the 2017 death of his wife, Joan, who he was married to for nearly seventy years, has left an administrative hole in his life that’s been filled by nefarious characters with designs on his fortune.

It’s sad that what should be a time for Lee to chill out and smell the roses has been occupied by this much controversy and sensationalism. I have absolutely no idea where things could go next, but I just hope that it’s going to be a while before I have to write another story about more weird developments in this case. Sadly, though, I suspect I’ll be back again next week with a report that Stan Lee has a secret evil twin called Eel Nats or something.