Chris Pratt Suits Up In New Guardians Of The Galaxy Images


James Gunn’s upcoming cosmic Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, is near the top of our list of most-anticipated summer blockbusters. With the film arriving in theaters on August 1st, the marketing campaign is about to go into full swing. Disney and Marvel will need to do a lot of leg work to make the ambitious project earn the attention of casual moviegoers, and today, they have released two new images to get the process started.

The new stills show Chris Pratt in full Star-Lord costume, iconic mask and all. Anyone who was concerned about how the Parks and Recreation alum would fare in a film like this should put their mind at ease, because he looks great from what little we’ve seen so far and embodies Star-Lord’s look perfectly.

Descriptions of the film’s second trailer have already found their way online, effectively raising the levels of anticipation in the fan community. Hopefully the trailer is released soon, because I’d sure like to get a better glimpse at what Gunn’s accomplished with this wacky and adventurous comic book. Until that happens, though, check out the two new Guardians of the Galaxy stills below, and let us know what you think of how Pratt looks in costume in the comments section.

Source: Collider