Star Trek Beyond Character Posters Spotlight Bones And Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah

In what is surely the first in a series of media dumps, Paramount has today premiered two character posters for Star Trek Beyond, spotlighting both Bones (Karl Urban) and Sofia Boutella’s newcomer, Jaylah.

Breaking out from the vibrant ensemble one-sheet from yesterday (which are also included in the gallery above), these new promo posters retain that refreshingly vivid color scheme – remember the dark and dire posters trumpeting the arrival of Into Darkness three years ago? – with both characters smothered by what looks to be the same hive of alien ships that can be seen tearing into the hull of the USS Enterprise in Beyond‘s most recent trailer.

From what we gather, that onslaught of sentient spaceships – one that portends doom for Starfleet’s flagship – will also herald the arrival of Idris Elba’s menacing villain Krall, who wants nothing more but to bring about the end of the Enterprise crew by any means necessary.

Featuring a script from Simon Pegg and Justin Lin – one reworked from the original version penned by Roberto Orci, before he eventually bowed out of the threequel – Star Trek Beyond brings together the new faces of Elba and Boutella to star opposite the franchise stalwarts, which include Karl Urban, Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin.

Star Trek Beyond will light up the summer blockbuster slate when Justin Lin’s threequel shoots for theaters on July 22. For now, you can share your own impressions of the new one-sheets, below.