‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry’s son shares secrets about the franchise

With the popularity of social media, it’s easier than ever before to connect with famous names in the entertainment industry, including Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

He recently went on Reddit to participate in an AMA — an “Ask Me Anything” — and managed to dish up some fascinating secrets about the production of the series as well as what family life was like with a famous father.

He even took on some of the most controversial questions in the Star Trek fandom, like the best captain, while revealing a stunning surprise about just how much he’s watched Star Wars.

One of the biggest reveals was that there may have been a lot more going on than anyone could have expected that led to the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise.

With a rumored Star Trek horror series in the works, it’s no surprise that one fan asked him about how he might feel about the series dealing with that genre using the Borg as a focus. It seems that he’s not personally a fan of combining sci-fi and scares in the series but sees that it’s a valid idea.

So many people have pointed out that a lot of the technology seen in the series is highly reflective of modern things like today’s iPhones. It turns out that Gene Roddenberry was not only in contact with some of the people behind future tech while making the series but also with NASA. This might explain many of the resemblances noticed by fans of the shows.

When it came to the tough questions, Rob didn’t back down. It turns out his favorite episode in all of Star Trek came from the original series.

He also answered one of the most infamous questions in the Star Trek fandom: Who is your favorite captain?

He also talked about his relationship with his father and what it felt like to see his mother in various roles across the Star Trek series.

In one final shocking moment, he not only addressed the animosity between fans of Star Trek and Star Wars but admitted he watched far more of the latter as a child.

He shared even more personal anecdotes about his family and thoughts on the original AMA post series. What do you think about these Star Trek revelations courtesy of Rod Roddenberry? Tell us in the comments!