A Horror-Influenced Star Trek Series Reportedly In The Works

Space: the final frontier… where no one can hear you scream?

Paramount Plus is in the process of expanding the Star Trek universe in every direction it will stretch. We’ve got Star Trek: Discovery spinoffs like Strange New Worlds and Section 31 in the works, children’s animated series like Prodigy, and a show about Starfleet Academy. But could Trek move into the horror genre, too? That’s what we’re hearing is the plan.

Our reliable sources — those same sources who told us about Strange New Worlds long before it was announced — have informed us that the network is set on creating a horror-themed entry into the franchise. We’re not able to divulge any more details about this project at this time, but that central idea is enough to get fans intrigued as it would allow for a whole other side of the Trek universe to be explored.

Due to its traditionally family-friendly nature, Trek has rarely ventured into full-on horror mode but obviously, it’s featured a multitude of spooky, creepy, and occasionally downright chilling moments over the decades. So it’s really not that much of a stretch for an upcoming series to steer the franchise deeper into the genre. A horror show could be episodic and have a large scope, introducing different eerie situations each week, or it could be more serialized and claustrophobic. The creative opportunities are endless.

Starting with Discovery, the contemporary Trek shows have moved into much more mature and adult-oriented territory than before, with their darker tone, use of strong language, and additional violence. Prodigy will attempt to draw back younger viewers, but this horror-flavored project makes clear that Paramount Plus has no intention of reversing its innovations and having all their Trek projects aimed at all-ages audiences again moving forward.

Our current Star Trek fix is Lower Decks season 2, which continues Thursdays on Paramount Plus. Following that, Discovery season 4 is expected to arrive at some point later this year.