Star Trek Fans Are Celebrating First Contact Day On Social Media

Star Trek: First contact

Its April 5th, and you know what that means, Star Trek fans… it’s First Contact Day! In Trek lore, this date in 2063 marks the first time that humanity reached out to the other races of the galaxy and they reached back. Pioneer Zephram Cochrane invented the warp drive and piloted his experimental craft into the stars, something which attracted the attention of a passing Vulcan vessel, who came to meet him on Earth. The subsequent handshake between Cochrane and his alien acquaintance was a monumental event in human history.

In honor of the occasion, Star Trek lovers have been pouring onto social media to commemorate the big day. Including a bit of cosplay to brighten up the quarantine.

It remains a powerful story for fans.

On this day… in 43 years’ time.

Unfortunately, some aren’t as optimistic about First Contact Day coming true in our timeline.

But the future sure is getting closer!

Hey, why not start planning for what you’re going to do on First Contact Day in 2063?

He said it! He said it!

In 43 years, it might be First Contact Day. But here in 2020, it’s No Contact Day.

Star Trek: First contact

First Contact Day was introduced in 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact, which saw Picard and the Enterprise-E crew being thrown back 300 years into the past where they must prevent the Borg from averting Cochrane’s encounter with the Vulcans in a bid to stop Starfleet from ever being formed. Thankfully, the evil plot was foiled and the timeline was kept on track. Enterprise later explored how Starfleet was built off the back of the First Contact event, with Archer’s adventures culminating in the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

Why not celebrate First Contact Day by watching some Star Trek on CBS All Access? Remember, Sir Patrick Stewart recently shared an offer to subscribe for free for the first 30 days.