Star Trek Fans Are Wishing William Shatner A Happy 90th Birthday


Happy birthday, William Shatner! Yes, James Tiberius Kirk himself celebrates the big 9-0 today, and Star Trek fans are flocking to social media to wish the Original Series star a good time.

Shatner hasn’t appeared in the Trek franchise for decades, and Chris Pine currently occupies the role of Kirk, but the Canadian icon will always remain a legend of the sci-fi universe thanks to serving as its original leading man and the first captain of the Enterprise that audiences got to know.

Following the show being retooled after its unaired pilot, Shatner was brought aboard as James T. and appeared in all three seasons of The Original Series before it was cancelled in 1969. He then lent his voice to The Animated Series from 1973-1974 and returned in the flesh for seven movies, beginning with 1979’s The Motion Picture and ending with 1994’s Generations, which featured Kirk’s death. Shatner also directed ST V: The Final Frontier.

The news that he’s turning 90 is proving a lot for some Trek fans to get their heads around, as you can see below:

Seven decades in the business. That’s some career.

He’s still boldly going.

The real difference between actor and character.

A “force of nature.”

As for his fellow Star Trek stars, Data sent his well wishes.

As did William Riker.

And it turns out Ben Stiller is a big fan, too!

He does not look his age.

Shatner then took to Twitter himself to thank everyone for their birthday messages, describing all the love as “overwhelming.”

With former captains like Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew returning to the Star Trek fold lately, there’s been a lot of speculation over whether Shatner could follow suit. The actor’s given conflicting opinions on if he’d like to come back, but generally it seems he’d agree if he was offered a meaningful role and not just a gratuitous cameo.

Happy 90th birthday, captain! You’ve definitely lived long and prospered.