Simon Pegg Hints That Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Won’t Be R-Rated After All


Not so fast, folks.

According to Simon Pegg, who currently plays the loveable Montgomery Scott in Paramount’s rebooted saga, Quentin Tarantino’s buzzworthy Star Trek movie won’t be R-rated, after all.

Pegg has been a fixture of the current Star Trek series ever since it flickered into life under the stewardship of J.J. Abrams (The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Episode IX) – so much so, in fact, that he assumed a more prominent role after the departure of Abrams, and helped polish the screenplay for 2016’s Beyond.

And so, while appearing at last night’s Empire Awards, Simon Pegg was asked about the future of Star Trek and Quentin Tarantino’s adult-oriented pitch, to which he replied:

I don’t think [Quentin Tarantino has] written an R-rated Star Trek script. I think what happened is he went to J.J. [Abrams] with an idea that he’s had for awhile. I remember he told us about it a long time ago. I think he told me and Edgar [Wright] about it a long time ago. He just put it to J.J. and I think J.J.’s just considering putting it into a writing room. We got an email just saying: ‘Guess what? Guess who came into the office the other day?’ So I don’t know much about it other than it’s in the mix, so we’ll see.

Star Trek

That’s an interesting twist to the saga, as the creative freedom associated with an R-rated story was seemingly one of the conditions that Quentin Tarantino put forward when he climbed on board. If Pegg is to be believed, this would mean one of two things: either QT hasn’t made much progress and is therefore unable to disclose any tangible details, or his long-rumored Star Trek film will actually uphold tradition and remain firmly in PG-13 territory.

We will, of course, keep you right up-to-date as this story develops. But for now, you can share your own thoughts on Tarantino’s story pitch down below.

Source: HeyUGuys