Star Wars Actor John Boyega Hasn’t Been Cast In Marvel’s Black Panther After All


Over the past day or so, rumours have swirled that Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor John Boyega is in talks to join the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther. It started with a bizarre mixture of speculation (including Snapchat posts and the fact that Kevin Feige had followed Boyega on Twitter) and was later backed up with a “scoop” via a far from reliable source.

Thankfully, The Hollywood Reporter (who’ve been dropping Black Panther casting scoops left and right as of late) has now cleared things up, confirming that the actor is NOT in talks to join the Marvel movie. Boyega’s reps confirmed that too, and even his UK agent took to social media to laugh off the claims.

While it would be great to see the Attack the Block star join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has an extremely busy schedule over the next few years being the new face of the Star Wars franchise alongside Daisy Ridley. Finding the time to take on a role in Black Panther wouldn’t have been easy, hence why it was always pretty difficult to buy into this story.

Regardless, it’s easy enough to imagine Boyega taking on a superhero role somewhere down the line once he’s done with Finn and the Star Wars univese, but for now, it won’t be in Black Panther.