New Star Wars Comic Offers Fresh Look At Luke’s Yellow Lightsaber

Star Wars Luke Jedi

We haven’t seen a lot of yellow lightsabers in the Star Wars canon so far, but Marvel’s current comic series revolving around Luke’s journey from The Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi has given the legendary Skywalker the chance to brandish one in this brand new narrative.

Within the lore of that galaxy far, far away, most kyber crystals that power the Jedi’s weapons are blue or green. Even the Sith bleed these crystals to turn them red, a ritual that in a sense completes a person’s turn to the dark side of the Force. In fact, apart from Mace Windu’s unique purple lightsaber, which was the result of Samuel L. Jackson asking George Lucas for it and the creator just running with the idea, and of course, the Darksaber used by the Mandalorians, it’s rare to see a Jedi with a yellow or white-colored plasma blade.

That is, barring the Jedi Temple Guards, whose signature weapon is a double-bladed yellow lightsaber, like the one Rey revealed at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. The new Marvel Comics Star Wars series, though, featured Luke constructing one after losing his original in the duel with Darth Vader.

Now, the publisher has shared some cover images that give us a fresh look at Luke’s new saber. They’ll be available for purchase in January 2021 and you can check them out below.

In this new Star Wars comic, Luke goes back to Cloud City to retrieve Anakin’s blue lightsaber, but visions of a young woman set him on a different path, one that leads him to more trouble and life-threatening situations as the son of Darth Vader in the pursuit of the Force and its wisdom.

The seventh chapter of the story was released two days ago, with a focus on Princess Leia and her struggles to keep the Rebel Fleet from complete destruction. With the events of Episode VI drawing nearer, though, fans can expect things to get even more intense for our heroes as the remaining 8th, 9th, and 10th issues arrive on November 4th, December 9th, and in January 2021, respectively.