New Star Wars Novel Confirms No Rey/Rose Romance For Finn

Finn and Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Unlike with the previous trilogies, the Star Wars sequel films haven’t had a clear central romance so far and fans are unsure which characters, if any, are going to get together in the upcoming Rise of SkywalkerFinn is thought to be involved in some sort of coupling, though. There’s a sense he had a crush on Rey in The Force Awakens and he shared a kiss with Rose in The Last JediA new novel, however, confirms that love isn’t in the air with either of these ladies.

In Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse, which is set prior to Episode IX, a brief sequence sees Poe Dameron asking his former Stormtrooper pal some personal questions about his relationships with Rey and Rose. Finn reveals to the ace pilot that he’s just “friends” with both of them.

Here’s the full passage:

Poe hesitated before he asked, “So the two of you aren’t…”

Finn looked puzzled at first, but then his expression shifted to amusement. “No, nothing like that. Just friends.”

“And Rose?”

“Oh.” Finn shook his head no. “We talked about it, and Crait was… a moment. But that’s it. Friends there, too.”

So, it looks like we shouldn’t expect J.J. Abrams to pair Finn up with either the Jakku orphan or the Resistance engineer. In other words, we just got a major hint that FinnPoe could actually become a thing in Rise. The way this exchange is framed certainly suggests Poe has an interest in finding out about Finn’s love life. And John Boyega has been shipping the pair non-stop in interviews. Oscar Isaac isn’t opposed to the idea, either.

The FinnPoe phenomenon swiftly rose up after the release of TFA, far eclipsing the amount of fans who wanted a Rey/Finn or, come TLJ, a Rose/Finn pairing. But will Lucasfilm act on what the fans want in this way? Is Resistance Reborn teasing this exact outcome for the characters? We’ll find out when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters from December 20th.