Star Wars: Episode IX Rumored To Have A Pretty Bleak Title


It’s a very popular prediction right now that the official title for Star Wars: Episode IX will be revealed by the end of the month, not least because The Last Jedi had its own title reveal in the January that preceded its release. But until the name of J.J. Abrams’ next film has been heard from an official source, fans will continue to offer their best guesses, and thanks to one anonymous Redditor, we may or may not have a few hints to help us in our speculation.

User PlanetOfMisfitSoldrs claims inside knowledge on Episode IX and its tie-in merchandise, and while they say it’s “too risky” at this point to outright give away the title, they do offer some clues. Specifically, it’s said that Lucasfilm is trying to evoke a feeling of hopelessness with the film’s new subtitle, meaning that anyone who’s predicting a title with optimistic words like “Rise,” “Dawn,” “New,” or “Birth” is “way off the mark.”

As an additional piece of alleged intel, the post also claims to have seen merchandise boxes which display Rey and Kylo Ren together with their faces divide in the middle by a lightsaber that’s red on one side and blue on the other. What’s more, the user goes on to speculate, based on what they know, that the film’s first act or so is going to be especially dark, stressing that the First Order is very much in charge before we see the situation turn around for the Resistance.

Obviously, this should all be taken with the usual grain of salt, but for the Star Wars: Episode IX title at least, it shouldn’t be too long now before we get some confirmation. Regardless, the answers to our biggest questions about this trilogy-closing work will surely be with us when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Reddit