Star Wars: Episode IX Rumor Teases Plot Details And Rey’s New Outfit


After Star Wars: The Last Jedi saw the crippling of the Resistance, fans have spent the last year wondering how the saga’s remaining heroes could possibly cause the downfall of the First Order over the course of one movie. But while Lucasfilm looks unlikely to drop the details anytime soon, this new Star Wars: Episode IX rumor at least offers some potential insight on what could be in store for the rebel front.

Reddit user Hankosheppard relays word from “someone who has a small job in production,” and while even the source seems skeptical of their own report’s accuracy, we’ve certainly heard far less plausible intel regarding next year’s release.

The first part of the post concerns Rey’s outfit, which is said to be less in line with Jedi stereotypes and more of a ‘tactical’ getup that’s described as a mix between Daisy Ridley’s previous costumes and the “Starkiller Hero” design conceived by Ralph McQuarrie for the original Star Wars.

The report also sketches out some vague story details for J.J. Abrams’ feature, with the movie said to follow three distinct plotlines, much like we saw with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Apparently, Poe and Finn are paired up once more for a mission – a development that’s been all but confirmed by set photos – while Rey and Rose have an adventure of their own. The third strand of story is said to be dedicated to Kylo Ren, who’ll reportedly be trying to keep the First Order in line while pushing ahead with further plans.

Of course, this is all unverifiable for the time being, but none of this comes across as particularly hard to buy. Regardless, we’ll find out how many of these developments come to pass when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.