Star Wars: Episode IX Rumor Teases Villainous Role For Keri Russell


The casting of Keri Russell in Star Wars: Episode IX has been the subject of speculation all year, with Lucasfilm remaining tight-lipped about the details of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star’s role. So far, we’ve already seen a few theories that seek to tie her character into the franchise’s mythology, and with this new rumor, a connection is suggested with the current villain of the saga.

The Mirror relays unverifiable set leaks claiming of a scene in which Russell is clad in black robes that have drawn comparisons to the Knights of Ren and wearing a belt that’s designed to hold a lightsaber. What’s more, she supposedly shares the screen with none other than Kylo Ren.

Though we have little in the way of evidence to back up this particular rumor, the Knights of Ren remain an ongoing subject of various set reports, and with The Last Jedi cutting down on the hero and villain numbers alike, it seems perfectly possible that Russell could be seen fighting alongside Adam Driver, even if she could just as easily be teaming up with Rey and the rest.

Anyway, the piece goes on to link these leaks to the old hearsay that the codename for Russell’s role is “Mara,” bringing up the long-running theory that the character could be Luke’s wife Mara Jade from the non-canonical Legends fiction, and it’s here that the speculation really starts to push the limits of plausibility. For one thing, prior comments from the character’s own creator Timothy Zahn strongly suggest that Lucasfilm has no plans to bring Mara to the screen in the near future, suggesting that the name “Mara” might well be little more than a placeholder.

Nonetheless, we’ll find out if there’s any truth to the rumors when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.