New Star Wars Theory Suggests The Skywalker In Rise Of Skywalker May Be Kylo


Ah, yes, finally, after months and months and months of hope, our Disney overlords finally blessed us with the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer during their Star Wars Celebration that took place in Chicago.

It was a pretty good, non-spoiler-y trailer, at least by my standards. However, since it’s so cryptic, theories have been abound about what the film may actually be about. Are Finn and Poe gonna hook up? How does the Emperor come back? Who, exactly, is the Skywalker in the title? Whelp, I have an idea about this one, folks. A totally original idea that nobody’s had before.

The Skywalker in question is Kylo Ren himself, Benjamin Solo. He’s half Skywalker, after all, and as we saw way back in The Force Awakens, he was struggling with his attachments to the Light side of the Force, which compelled him to dispatch his father, grumpy old Han Solo, in order to try and throw himself full into the Dark side.

Yet again in The Last Jedi, we see him struggle with his emotional attachments to his former life as a good little boy when he hesitates in killing Leia, his mother. He also shows compassion towards Rey, and he tries to get her to team up with him to start a whole new thing, separate of Jedi, Sith, Rebellion, Empire, everything.

So, let us look at what we can confidently guess is gonna be in The Rise of Skywalker: lots of Force ghosts, visiting the past, a big adventure with more familial elements, J.J. Abrams’ panache for hokeyness, and the fact that this film has to tie up a nine-movie arc in a series mostly focused around the redemption of its major villains.

I honestly can’t say I have any specific idea of how this is gonna work, but I have a feeling that Kylo is gonna have to fight some ghosts, or he’ll visit a, like, force astral plane or something. Or, ya know, he’ll just die. I mean, anything is possible. I just kinda hope I’m right on this one, because I don’t want Rey to be a Skywalker.

Since this is stated to be the end of the Skywalker saga, but with more Star Wars yet to come starring our main trio of Rey, Finn, and Poe, assumedly, that also lends credence that Rey isn’t a Skywalker. But what do you think’s going to happen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, fellow dweeb? Sound off down below with your thoughts.