First Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer Rumored To Exclude Two Major Characters


As 2019 edges closer, the Star Wars: Episode IX rumor mill seems to have directed its focus towards the all-important first trailer for next-year’s trilogy-closer. Just take this recent report for instance, which alleges a few unverified specifics about what the initial teaser will and won’t show.

According to, the trailer could be the longest yet for any Star Wars movie released under Disney, but despite its extensive runtime, two characters who won’t be making appearances are Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. A key moment, however, will reportedly be provided by Lando Calrissian, whose return will be heralded by his own money shot reminiscent of Han Solo’s “Chewie, we’re home” line in the trailer for The Force Awakens.

Naturally, none of these claims should be taken too seriously for the time being, but if these are little more than a fan’s guesses of what to expect from the teaser, then they wouldn’t be the worst predictions to make.

In particular, given the level of mystery that surrounds Mark Hamill’s return after Luke’s death in The Last Jedi, it’s hard to imagine a way of showing the character on screen that isn’t a spoiler. And while it seems like the promo could go either way with the film’s footage of the late Carrie Fisher, it would honestly be surprising if the teaser didn’t make a big moment out of Lando’s arrival.

On a related note, while it was rumored earlier this month that the first teaser would be premiering at next year’s Super Bowl, on February 3rd, we’ve since heard talk that this reveal could be delayed now that composer John Williams has fallen ill. Again, all such claims should be taken for the hearsay and speculation that they are, but you can hopefully expect some solid answers near the start of next year. In any case, all will be revealed when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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