Kelly Marie Tran Had More Lines At The Oscars Than In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker


The ugliest element of the backlash against The Last Jedi was all the hate unfairly flung at actress Kelly Marie Tran due to some having problems with her character Rose Tico. In response to this, more reasonable Star Wars fans – i.e. everyone else – then came forward to champion Tran and she rightly became a huge fandom favorite. There was a lot of excitement to see her in The Rise of Skywalkerthen, so many were furious when she ended up  having hardly any screentime in the Skywalker saga conclusion.

All the anger about this had calmed down a bit since the movie came out a couple of months ago, but last night social media was once again flooded with criticisms about Rose being left on the sidelines in TROS. The reason was because Kelly Marie Tran appeared during Sunday’s Oscar ceremony as a presenter and folks couldn’t help but notice that the Academy Awards made much better use of the star than Rise did.

Fans have calculated that Rose was only on screen for a total of 80 seconds (!) in TROS, and she definitely had more screentime than that at the Oscars.

More lines, too!

What’s more, the ceremony really showcased Tran’s knack for comedy.

It was great to see Tran, but her Oscar appearance is reminding people of how mad they are about Rose’s role in TROS. 

Was Kelly Marie Tran’s turn as an Oscar presenter just better overall than Rose Tico? Some certainly think so.

Writer Chris Terrio has previously defended Tran’s lack of screentime in Rise of Skywalker. He explained that the plan was to feature her in more scenes with Leia at the Resistance base. However, due to the difficult process of repurposing archive footage of the late Carrie Fisher, few of these scenes were able to be used in the finished film.

This didn’t cut it with Star Wars fans, though, as they think she should have joined the adventure with the rest of the main gang in the first place. But hey, at least we got more of the actress at the Oscars!