Star Wars Fans Are Actually Paying $25K For Droids At Galaxy’s Edge

R2-D2 Star Wars

Have you ever wanted your own official R2-unit Astromech droid? Do you happen to have a spare $25k just lying around? Then, oh boy, does Disney have a deal for you!

Last month saw the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland’s latest theme park area inspired by everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away. While I don’t think anybody on Earth would bet against the success of a Star Wars theme park, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how obsessive fandom culture can become. Case in point: /Film is reporting that within the first week of the themed area’s opening, three separate fans have purchased its $25,000 R2- droid.

The completely customizable robot is the most expensive item available for purchase at Galaxy’s Edge, which is already filled with $8 cups of milk and $200 lightsabers, but it at least sounds like you get your money’s worth. Included in the bundle is the life-sized droid, which features working lights, sounds, and other electronics goodies, your choice of customizable accoutrements, a wireless remote control, and a wall charger. Not only can you pick your new droid companion’s colors and design options (like an aluminum dome head), but you can also choose between a sleek and shiny futuristic exterior and a grimy, battle-worn option more reminiscent of the Original Trilogy.

But here’s the kicker, even at $25k, the price doesn’t include tax or shipping costs, and it takes up to 90 days to be delivered. If you don’t like the final results, too bad; there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges. Most fans have pointed out that for that price, one could build their own droid at home, wherein the customizable options are truly limitless. Or, you know, you could put that money toward a brand new car.

Again, these numbers are from Star Wars: Galaxy Edge’s first week, which saw numerous Hollywood hotshots drop in for its grand opening. While it’s unlikely that the average Disney patron is spending top dollar for something like this, who’s to say George Lucas himself didn’t pick up one of these bad boys? After that Disney deal, he can certainly afford it.