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Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Shows Off Her Lightsaber Skills At Star Wars Event

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has shared photos of herself at a Star Wars event, which sees the actress wielding a lightsaber.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson couldn’t resist having a go at a lightsaber at the launch of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience at Disneyland Anaheim recently.

The actress posted photos (seen below) to her Instagram account today showing her in a fierce lightsaber duel and trying on a Jedi costume for size. Captioning the pics “the force is strong ya’ll!!!!!!”  and “serving Jedi realness this summer,” Larson likely made some fans’ dreams (and others’ nightmares) come true by immersing herself in one of Disney’s other franchises.

She may also be paying tribute to Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson here, as well as the time when he brought his lightsaber to the set on May 4th for her to try. The actress commented at the time:

“I got to hold his lightsaber! He brought it to me on set on May the 4th, and I cried. It was so cool. I wanna be a Jedi.”

It may be that Jackson was able to give Larson some advice on joining a well-established franchise, although it’s likely that he didn’t have to deal with the embarrassing levels of scorn heaped on Captain Marvel this year. As a recent deleted scene showing Carol Danvers taking on a misogynist in the aforementioned film shows, though, she can certainly handle herself in a fight.

Indeed, Larson has been unafraid to draw criticism since Captain Marvel hit screens, from her enthusiasm for diversity in the MCU, to dismissing worries about the movie’s box office performance as the first Marvel film with a female lead. She also has geeking out history, most notably in her reaction to an Oscars photo with Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee.

Could Larson actually cross over to the Star Wars universe, though? Does she has the chops to make it as a Jedi, and would you like to see her appear in future movies set in that galaxy far, far away? As ever, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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