Star Wars Fans Try To Answer Awkward Question About Darth Maul

While there’s no Star Wars version of Marvel’s What If…? yet (though seriously, get on that Disney) it doesn’t stop fans from pondering some of the biggest mysteries in the galactic universe. What if Luke never left Tatooine? Why doesn’t Darth Vader sense anything about Leia? How does Darth Maul pee?

For anyone who just mentally heard the sound of a record scratching, this is seriously what a large portion of the Star Wars fanbase is discussing today over on Reddit. Remember how Darth Maul lost a large section of his lower half during The Phantom Menace? Well, one curious fan was curious how he could still pee after he got those fancy new robotic legs.

Plenty of people came up with some downright hilarious responses.

Well… We guess that’s an option?

We’re not sure about this headcanon.

Some people remembered a moment that might imply Maul is a bit of a cannibal and that the “waste” must be going somewhere.

However, one person took the question seriously. Fair warning to anyone who gets a bit squeamish about medical topics, but some medically minded members of the subreddit actually had some proper answers as to what is most likely the case.

So there you have it, a piece of Star Wars lore you probably never thought about or even wanted to know. But now that we’ve all seen it, what do you think of these potential theories? Sound off in the comments below, just be sure to put the toilet seat down on your way out!