Star Wars: The Force Awakens Helps Harrison Ford Break New Record



Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues its dominance at theatres around the world this week, and in doing so, it’s helped one of its stars shatter a record. Thanks to the film’s box office haul, Harrison Ford is now the highest grossing actor in U.S. history, with a total of $4.7 billion under his belt.

With movies like Star WarsIndiana Jones, the Jack Ryan films and many more on his resume, Ford has had no problem accumulating quite the box office gross over the years. In fact, he actually held the record a while back, until he was surpassed by Samuel L. Jackson. Now, however, Ford is back on top and no doubt enjoying his time there.


Speaking of which, the actor certainly has some competition for the record, as Jackson trails close behind with $4.6 billion and Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman are also both in the running for the top spot, with about $4.3 billion each.

Seeing as Star Wars: The Force Awakens still has a long way to go until its box office run has dried up though, it’s probably safe to say that Harrison Ford will be sitting pretty pretty at #1 for at least the next little while.

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