Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Charging $11 For Sporks, Which Used To Be Free


“What are you doing? A Jedi’s utensil deserves more respect!” Thanks, Ghost Luke. Truer words have never been spoken.

What is the most sacred of all eating utensils but the spork, a combination of fork and spoon, of light and dark. Sporks represent the balance of the Force in a way no other instrument has. Disney, sensing this, has now monetized eating with them at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, unfortunately.

Yep, if you plan on heading over to the aforementioned theme park, you better bring $11 if you want to eat with a spork. The park originally offered the instruments for free, since, you know, they’re normal and rational. But since fans have been “stealing” them and selling the sporks on eBay for as much as $150, Disney had no choice but to start charging for them. If it’s any consolation, at least you get a sweet carrying tote for your spork.

Whelp, it’s finally gotten that bad, eh? As we all know, attendance at Galaxy’s Edge fell far below Disney’s expectations, and the parks have basically been hemorrhaging money for a while now. Sure, theme parks are expensive, we all can assume this easily. But charging for eating utensils is goofy, no matter the branding. I understand the $1,000+ build-a-lightsaber and I get food and drinks there being outrageously expensive, that’s normal as heck. But gosh dang it, this is too far, man.

Granted, I’m broke as ever and there’s no way I’d ever be able to afford to go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, even if utensils were still free. From what I have heard, the park itself is…fine, ya know. I think I heard wait times of over three hours for the Rise of the Resistance ride, too.

Disney didn’t exactly handle the brand well, did they? It’s unfortunate. But hey, worse things have happened. Minus $11 sporks, that is. That’s literally the worst thing to ever happen.