New Details On First Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer And Supreme Leader Snoke Surface


Celebration is almost here, and that means Star Wars is quickly starting to dominate headlines as anticipation and hype for The Last Jedi kicks into overdrive. Of course, it won’t only be the Rian Johnson-directed film that shows up at the event next week, but it will no doubt take up the lion’s share of the attention, and understandably so. After all, Disney’s kept an awfully tight lid on everything – unlike The Force Awakens, which saw some major leaks before it hit theatres – and as such, we really have no idea what to expect from the next chapter in the saga.

That being said, a few small tidbits have started to surface, and while nothing earth shattering has been revealed just yet, we’ll certainly take what we can get at this point. After all, this is Star War we’re talking about here, and while what we have today isn’t too meaty, it’s still worth reporting on, as a few details pertaining to both the film’s first trailer and Supreme Leader Snoke have come to light.

First up, we’ve got an early report on that all-important trailer, which will debut at Celebration. According to Star Wars News Net, what we’ll get to see next week isn’t “just a brief teaser” and will actually have a “full trailer feel” to it. Nothing else was mentioned in terms of what exactly the footage will show, but it’s definitely reassuring to hear that quite a lot will be on display. Or so it seems. Disney easily could have just given us a quick announcement teaser of some sort without much footage from the film itself, and fans would have gone nuts. Thankfully, though, it sounds like they won’t be going that route and what we get will end up being something substantial.

In related news, Making Star Wars has a scoop on Snoke, dropping a few new tidbits about his appearance in The Last Jedi. According to them, he’ll be sporting a gold silky robe along with matching slippers. He’ll also be wearing a “fancy ring” which apparently houses a black Kyber crystal, and will be protected by what are being referred to as “Praetorian Guards,” who are described as “a new spin on the Royal Guards that Emperor Palpatine used. They have glossy red armor, shell plating, and matte red cloth elements for the capes and such. They’re faceless red guards in red armor with red capes and a variety of martial arts weapons.”

What’s perhaps most exciting though is that we’re hearing that Snoke will be housed up on his Mega Destroyer for most of the film, which is apparently the “biggest ship we’ve seen in Star Wars outside of a Death Star” and is where the character’s palace is located. Powered by 10-double-stacked engines, the Destroyer is being described as a “mobile command unit” that’ll act as the First Order’s main base.

And speaking of the First Order, they’re definitely going to be a much more significant threat this time around, what with their new Gorilla Walkers, the Mega Destroyer, “Praetorian Guards” and more. Making Star Wars notes that “they’re relentlessly hunting the Resistance Fleet and Poe and his gang have a reason to run.”

So, a lot of new tidbits to digest then, and while nothing too juicy was revealed, they certainly don’t make the wait for that first trailer any easier. With just under a week to go now, it should be here soon enough and you can bet that despite everything that’ll be going on there, all eyes will be fixed firmly on Star Wars: The Last Jedi when the film touches down at Celebration in Orlando.