‘Star Wars’ scholars name who they’d bring for backup to take down Palpatine


You’ll be in no shortage of powerful Force-wielders in the Star Wars prequel trilogy era to pick for assistance in a potential fight with Sheev Palpatine. This was a time when Jedi roamed the galaxy at large as warriors of peace and justice, after all, and they numbered in the dozens, if not hundreds.

Unfotunately, when Mace Windu decided to face the Chancellor for his treachery, most of the competent Jedi Masters, including Yoda, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, or even Ki-Adi-Mundi, were away fighting in different theaters of the Clone Wars. Mace ended up defeating him in lightsaber combat, but not before all of his allies fell to the Sith lord’s bleeding crimson saber in the first few seconds of the duel.

Now, let’s rewind the clock and assume that you, as Star Wars lore veterans and diehard geeks, were in Windu’s stead. Who would you pick to go and fight the Emperor alongside you? Windu was thrown out a window, but if you had your pick from the extensive Star Wars history pool, perhaps the odds would’ve turned in your favor, regardless of Anakin’s interference.

Well, it seems that as far as most fans see it, Windu should probably have sent Anakin on a wild-goose chase if he really didn’t want the man to get involved.

Others are already going into this fight defeated, at least in the head, so they might as well take one other traitor down with them.

If they were going to die so easy as that, perhaps Windu should’ve gone with anyone but the three he did. Yes, Palpatine is formidable as the only living dark side user in the galaxy, but that’s no excuse for full-trained Jedi to go down like that.

Mace Windu with his aggressive saber form and Yoda with his extensive knowledge of the Force are probably the only people you need.

Surprising, and rather blasphemous, lack of Ahsoka Tano replies in there. Let’s just hope that whoever you end up choosing can manage to hold their own when Palps decides to go on “unlimited power” mode.