Star Wars Fan Theory Claims To Have Identified A Major Deleted Scene From The Last Jedi


It’s no secret that Rian Johnson’s initial cut of The Last Jedi came in at a whopping three hours in length.

History tells us that the filmmaker, who’s about to orchestrate a brand new Star Wars trilogy for the folks at Lucasfilm, reined in his creative vision quite substantially during post, resulting in the two-and-a-half-hour blockbuster that’s now dominating the box office charts ($791 million and counting, last we checked).

But even after Johnson’s strict editing, Star Wars: The Last Jedi still weighed in as the longest film in the series, which only raises the more pertinent question: what about all those deleted scenes?

To their credit, Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi‘s editor, Bob Duscay, have been pretty forthcoming about the sequel’s cut content, including Luke Skywalker’s third and final lesson to Rey (spoilers: it involves a Batman-esque test on Ahch-To). However, Reddit has gone one step further.

First spotted by, this latest Star Wars theory claims to have identified a major deleted scene from The Last Jedi. It’s one that supposedly takes place on Snoke’s super-sized Supremacy just after Holdo’s kamikaze attack, and helps fill in the blanks between Kylo Ren and Rey’s throne room fight and the latter’s appearance on the Millennium Falcon.

Not only that, but this scene allegedly places Daisy Ridley’s protagonist in the same situation as Luke Skywalker in that she’s left facing the ultimate moral dilemma – to kill Kylo Ren, or spare his life and fight for Ben Solo.

When she wakes up, Rey faces the same dilemma Luke had earlier. The greatest moral dilemma of the entire story. Should we destroy evil if we have the chance to? And we aren’t shown how she, our supposed main character handles this.

The full and fairly plausible theory can be found over on Reddit, and it certainly won’t be the last speculative tidbit to emerge relating to Star Wars: The Last Jedi.