General Leia Organa Delivers A Message In Honor Of Force Friday And Star Wars: The Last Jedi


“The battle of Starkiller Base has been won but the war rages on. All squadrons are to report in immediately and await further instructions. The fate of the Resistance and the galaxy is in your hands.”

That’s General Leia Organa there rallying the troops ahead of Force Friday II and, more importantly, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is set to enjoy a huge merchandise launch over the weekend of September 1st.

Of course, as is so often the case in Hollywood’s bustling blockbuster arena, some of those tie-in products have leaked online ahead of time, shedding light on Snoke’s “dangerous,” samurai-inspired guardians and the new vehicles set to appear in Rian Johnson’s long-anticipated sequel. Still reeling from its defeat aboard Starkiller Base, we know that the First Order will be armed to the teeth come December, deploying a dreadnought and super-sized AT-ATs – they’re called AT-M6s, for the record – to lump pressure on the already vulnerable Resistance.

And so, as is fitting for a military general, General Leia has relayed this message to lift spirits within the Resistance camp. It’s all part of Lucasfilm’s huge marketing push to commemorate Force Friday II, which is shaping up to be a massive event that spans the four corners of the Earth – particularly with that augmented reality treasure hunt.

But following her tragic death late last year, The Last Jedi will enter the history books as Carrie Fisher’s final Star Wars performance. It’ll seemingly write her Leia out of the story entirely, as opposed to killing The Princess a la Han Solo, while we understand Rian Johnson and Co. have added a poignant tribute to Fisher to the sequel’s credits. Best packing the tissues, then.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi shoots for theaters on December 15th.