Star Wars: The Last Jedi Merch Hints At Some Important Dialogue From Luke, Rey And More


The Internet has a habit of picking apart Hollywood blockbusters to within an inch of their life, but Star Wars takes things to a whole new level.

No other franchise on the planet generates the same amount of hype as Lucasfilm’s prized asset, and that’s something we saw in full effect early last month, when Disney staged the global merchandise event known as Force Friday II. Over the course of a single weekend, the Internet was teeming with The Last Jedi action figures, tie-in anthologies, and more porgs than you could shake a lightsaber at.

But now, with little under two months until the film’s release, Making Star Wars has uncovered a raft of Hasbro figures modeled on four of The Last Jedi‘s principal characters: Luke, Rey, Leia and DJ, the engineer played by Benicio Del Toro. Each toy is able to spout lines of dialogue, though whether they’re official is still up for debate. Nevertheless, we’ve included a collection of those one-liners below, beginning with Leia and DJ’s:


“Hey, I’m a thief.”
“Oh for Hutts sake!”
“I can get you outta here.”
“If the price is right.”
“Let’s get this over with.”


“Together, we can defeat the First Order.”
“May the Force be with you.”
“Send them in.”
“I will do everything I can to help.”
“All troops open fire!”

Those alleged one-liners continue below:


“I’m Rey.”
“The Resistance sent me.”
“Help me with this quick.”
“You’re a monster.”


“Reach out with your feelings.”
“You shouldn’t be here.”
“How did you find me?”
“What do you know of the Force?”

Out of the four characters featured, Rey and Luke arguably have the most interesting pieces of dialogue – assuming these throwaway lines even make it into the final cut, of course. One would assume that Mark Hamill’s weary Jedi Master will be talking to Rey when uttering the line, “you shouldn’t be here,” while “you’re a monster” is surely a jab at Supreme Leader Snoke or Kylo Ren, the two villainous titans of The Last Jedi. Then again, we’ve been wrong before.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will deliver the answers fans so crave, all the while raising new questions in the process, when Rian Johnson’s sequel hits theaters on December 15th.