EW Blows The Lid Off Star Wars: The Last Jedi With A Fresh Gallery Of Action Shots


The Force is strong in Entertainment Weekly.

With Force Friday right around the corner (September 1st), the outlet has premiered a host of new action shots from Star Wars: The Last Jedi showcasing Daisy Ridley’s Jedi-in-training, along with Kylo Ren and his deadly TIE Silencer. It’s a sleek, matte black harbinger of death, and though the design leaked online some weeks ago, EW’s reveal gives us the chance to go up close and personal with Adam Driver’s new space vessel. Well, we say “new” when the Silencer is clearly a modern re-creation of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 from A New Hope.

Elsewhere, and after his short experience piloting a TIE Fighter in The Force Awakens (coupled with that brief spell controlling the Falcon’s cannons), John Boyega’s Finn is seen here behind the stick of a low-riding speeder, which is surely part of his covert mission with Kelly Marie Tran’s Resistance mechanic, Rose Tico. Chances are this scene and the sequence in which Resistance forces race toward a battalion of distant AT-ATs are one and the same.

Another image worth mentioning is the one of Canto Bight’s brightly lit Casino. Described as the “playground for rich assholes,” if you lean close enough you’ll see that the city’s parked police speeders align with those LEGO designs that crept online earlier this week. Which really begs the question: what other rumors concerning The Last Jedi will prove to be true?

One way or another, The Last Jedi‘s EW blowout really belongs to the film’s two Jedis, Rey and Luke, who adorn two separate and downright beautiful covers for the outlet’s fall issue. All of this and more can be found in the gallery above.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be with us on December 15th, and it may well herald the advent of a Mega Star Destroyer. Moreover, EW’s fall preview promises to give us the inside scoop on Rian Johnson’s sci-fi sequel over the coming days – namely Snoke’s “fearsome” guards and some other story trinkets – so stay tuned.