Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Warns Of Potential Spoilers Lurking Within Tonight’s Trailer Reveal


UPDATE: The trailer has now been released and can be viewed above.

The Star Wars faithful will soon find themselves facing a difficult choice – and we’re not talking about the dark side and the light.

As promised, Lucasfilm is planning to showcase The Last Jedi‘s full-length trailer during Monday Night Football later this evening (7pm PST/10pm EST is the current estimate), and some fans are already torn between a total media blackout and indulging in that sweet, sweet footage. If, like us, you find yourself perched on the fence, writer-director Rian Johnson has weighed in with some advice via Twitter (with a tip of the hat to Screen Rant), and it seems as though purists would be better off skipping tonight’s trailer altogether to negate the chance of stumbling upon any major story spoilers.

That’s not to say that The Last Jedi‘s imminent promo exposes Johnson’s long-anticipated sequel for all to see; merely that those viewers who want to go into theaters on December 15th with a blank slate should “absolutely avoid” tonight’s Monday Night Football. And the Internet, for that matter, though short of spending the next eight weeks camping in the woods far from all civilization, it’s going to be difficult to avoid absolutely everything.

But don’t take our word for it; here’s some last-minute advice from Rian Johnson himself in anticipation of tonight’s grand reveal. Oh, and the promo itself is supposedly well worth that wait, which only has us all the more torn as we count down the hours to The Last Jedi‘s second trailer.

Per Twitter:

Tell us, do you plan on taking the plunge and watching tonight’s trailer the moment it drops? Or are you more of the mindset that The Last Jedi‘s spectacular visual effects should be viewed as the director intended (i.e. on the big screen)? You can, as always, leave your thoughts and predictions via the usual place.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th, and if you do plan on checking out the sequel’s latest trailer, be sure to head back to We Got This Covered later this evening.