Stargate Reboot Will Reportedly Have Cameos From Original Cast


The various iterations of Stargate have seen the sci-fi franchise endure for over a quarter of a century, but fans have been relatively starved of content for a long time now. The ten episodes of Origins, which only run for ten minutes each, aired online two years ago, but that’s the only expansion of the mythology we’ve had since Universe ended after two seasons back in 2011.

At one stage, Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich were developing a long-awaited sequel to the original movie, which marked Emmerich’s first major foray into effects-driven blockbusters, and it did decent business after raking in $196 million on a $55 million budget, garnering solid enough reviews from critics in the process.


Under most circumstances that would be more than enough to justify a multi-film series, but for some reason, MGM never showed much interest in continuing the story on the big screen, before Stargate found a second life on television. From what we understand, Devlin and Emmerich were planning a brand new trilogy, but there’s been no further news on the project since the former admitted it was dead in the water.

However, insider Daniel Richtman has not only claimed that a reboot is now in the works, but he’s also saying that some of the original stars are willing to return, and while he doesn’t name names, you imagine he’s talking about Kurt Russell and James Spader. Of course, another Stargate film hasn’t been announced by the studio and isn’t officially in the works yet, so this should be taken with a healthy grain of salt for now, but Brad Wright is still planning a new TV show that’s been held up by the Coronavirus pandemic, so at least there’s definitely one fresh take on the material coming down the pipeline.