Start Your Week Off With This New Mary Poppins Returns Trailer


Mary Poppins Returns! Or rather, she will on December 19th, but Disney’s returned from Cherry Tree Lane today bearing gifts – specifically, a brand new trailer for Rob Marshall’s magical follow-up.

It’s a sequel that’s been on the cards for a long, long time now and it’s really a testimony to the enduring legacy of P.L. Travers’ eight-novel series that even today, more than five decades after she first floated via umbrella onto the big screen, that Mary Poppins is still one of, if not the most renown nannies in cinema. A Quiet Place star Emily Blunt signed on to play Poppins a few years back after receiving the blessing of Julie Andrews and she’s featured front and center in this new trailer, which really is a rather wonderful little treat to start our week off with.

From the looks of it, Returns will be another enjoyable slice of Mouse House fare, with Blunt appearing to be a perfect fit for the titular role. The preview gives us quite a bit to feast on, too, diving into the sequel’s plot, providing us with a glimpse of some of its musical numbers, showing off those gorgeous visuals and overall, painting a picture of what appears to be a wonderful, charming adventure that’ll be great fun for the whole family.

For those who may not know, Mary Poppins Returns takes place about 25 years after the original and focuses on the Banks children now that they’re all grown up – with Michael having a family of his own. They soon finds themselves in the middle of a crisis, however, and so Mary is back on the case. The important thing here, though, is that this new premise more closely reflects the inspiration behind the Poppins character, which was seen in the 2013 film, Saving Mr. Banks.

Oh, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Mary Poppins Returns will whisk moviegoers off on a heartfelt journey to Depression-era London when Disney’s long-in-development sequel descends from the skies on December 19th.