Stay In Your Seat! The Avengers Features Two Post-Credit Scenes

This Friday when you head out to see The Avengers, remember to stay in your seat after the film ends! Truthfully, I shouldn’t even have to tell you that as Marvel films always feature post-credit scenes. That’s almost a given at this point.

That being said, The Avengers is a bit different. It will feature two post-credit scenes, not just one. So unless you have a life or death emergency, you’re not going to want to leave the theatre once the credits appear.

Comic Book Movie is the source on this one and they’re telling us that writer Christopher Campbell tweeted about two post-credit scenes. What’s odd though is that the second post-credit scene only appears in North American cuts of the film, moviegoers overseas only got one post-credit scene, according to Campbell.

Either way, whether it’s one or two scenes, make sure to stay in your seat once those credits pop up!

The Avengers opens this Friday (May 4th).

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