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Stephen King Reveals His Horror Recommendations For Halloween

Stephen King has revealed which horror movies, books and TV shows people should watch and read this upcoming Halloween, as it's only a few days away.

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Stephen King is easily the undisputed king of horror. The writer has given us some of the best spooky books of all-time, and it’s actually scary how many incredibly terrifying novels he’s written (most of them about writers in Maine, it has to be said). There’s, of course, The Shining, but then there’s also the likes of Pet Sematary, The Stand, It, Misery, Carrie, Salem’s Lot… The list is literally endless.

However, he’s not only brought us these incredible works of horror fiction, but his books have also been made into movies and TV shows, and some of them are regarded to be amongst the best ever. There’s the aforementioned Shining (although King didn’t think much of that film), and then we’ve also got It and The Shawshank Redemption, which was inspired by his novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, just to name a few.

So when King offers his thoughts on the genre, people tend to listen and recently, the author was on-hand to inform us of what we should be reading and watching this Halloween season. While speaking with EW, he recommended the likes of the recent remake of Child’s Play, the French TV series Marianne, which is a Netflix original, and the book Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

It sounds like he really loved Child’s Play, too, which featured Mark Hamill as the voice of  Chucky, with King saying:

“I didn’t go see it [Child’s Play] in the theaters, because I thought, ‘Well, this is just another warmed-over sequel,’” King told with Entertainment Weekly. He continued: “Mark Hamill does the voice of Chucky and I just f—ing loved that movie. I laughed and I cried at the things in there. Everybody who’s in the movie does a terrific job. It’s a smart script and it’s just a load of fun. It really is. It’s gruesome as hell.”

He also added:

“There’s this scene where this guy is hanging some Christmas lights on his house, and Chucky does something to the ladder, and he falls off and he lands on his feet, and his bones come right out the side of his legs. And you know, it’s not funny, but at the same time it is funny.”

King then went on to talk about Marianne, the French TV horror series, saying:

“I love the series that’s on Netflix now, Marianne,” he said. “It’s a French series and it’s very, very scary. There is something in there from Stranger Things, so a little bit of that vibe, and a little bit of the Steve King vibe as well.”

Make sure you check all of his recommendations out this Halloween to ensure you have the spookiest time possible and for more suggestions, also take a look at Stephen King‘s 22 favorite movies of all-time. There are some real gems on that list.

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