Steven C. Miller Thriller Extraction Recruits Kellan Lutz And Gina Carano



Hot on the heels of joining Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool, Fast and Furious and Haywire starlet Gina Carano has signed on for Steven C. Miller’s upcoming CIA thriller Extraction, along with Twilight star Kellan Lutz.

News comes via Deadline, who report that the pair will star opposite Bruce Willis in the actioner. According to the outlet, Lutz will assume the role of Harry Turner, a rookie agent yet to cut his teeth in the agency. With his father (Willis) missing, Turner flies in the face of direct orders and sets out on a mission to find him, but this soon leads to a manhunt spearheaded by Carano’s steely field operative, Victoria. And given the actress’ ass-kicking reputation accrued from her time spent in MMA, we don’t envy Turner’s plight.

With a father-son dynamic orbiting around the CIA, Extraction isn’t a million miles away from The Cold Light of Day, a 2012 action flick that also starred Bruce Willis opposite Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. Whether Miller’s film will deliver a story that is, say, more memorable remains to be seen, but with Lutz and Carano now on board, there’s no denying the project’s action credentials.

From what we understand, the cameras are already rolling on Extraction, which set up shop in Alabama just last week. Rounding out the cast list are Lone Survivor actor Dan Bilzerian, Lydia Hull and Tyler Olson. Umair Aleem and Max Adams are on script duties,

We’ll have much more information relating to Extraction as production grinds into motion. For now, you can share your thoughts on the casting of Carano and Lutz down below.

Source: Deadline

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