Steven Soderbergh Heads Off-Broadway With The Library

The multi-talented and prolific Steven Soderbergh has long discussed his desire to retire from making films, so it came as no surprise when, in 2013, he finally took those steps and “transitioned” away from cinema. With a growing distaste for an industry more driven by the bottom-line than ever, Soderbergh is spreading his impressive wings and heading off-Broadway with Chloe Grace Moretz.

Working with a play written by his frequent collaborator Scott Z Burns (The Informant!, Contagion, Side Effects), Soderbergh will direct The Library at New York’s Public Theater, previewing on 25 March 2014. The play addresses the controversial subject of gun-control and high school shootings, focusing on a young survivor (Moretz), and the differences between the story she tells, and that told by other witnesses.

Oskar Eustis – the Artistic Director of The Public Theater – provided an inkling of the project in a press statement:

The Library is about one of the most disturbing and important issues of our times – gun violence. The theatre, like our nation, needs to deal with this.”

With a filmography including Magic Mike and Side Effects, Soderbergh began his “transition” with the award-winning Behind The Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, for HBO. His move away from film will continue in 2014 with the upcoming TV series The Knick, starring Clive Owen – a 10-part mini-series about the Knickerbocker Hospital. As for The Library’s leading lady, Chloe Grace Moretz continues to ride the wave of Kick-Ass good will, with her recent performance in Carrie and an upcoming role in Antoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer, alongside Denzel Washington.

The Library marks the New York stage debut of Steven Soderbergh, Burns and Moretz, and tickets will be on sale from February 4th, 2014.

Source: /Film