Now Steve-O Wants To Fight Justin Bieber And This Needs To Stop


Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and Steve-O walk into an arena. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? We wish. Rather, it could be coming to a UFC fight night near you, and soon.

In yet another plot twist in the weirdest story of the year, Jackass star Steve-O has proclaimed to the internet that he wants to fight the Biebs. But only if the latter doesn’t end up fighting Tom Cruise.

As stupid as this sounds, you have to admit, a fight with Steve-O would actually be a little entertaining. The guy’s pain threshold has to be off the charts, with all the nut shots and, well, more nut shots he’s taken over the years.

If you’re just getting back from a month long off-planet sabbatical and need to get caught up though, here you go. One day, Justin Bieber randomly Twitter-challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC match. A few days later, he backed off, stating he was just kidding and that Cruise would kick his butt. Respectable, right? Well, Bieber’s team still tried to set up the match and recently, UFC boss Dana White confirmed fight talks between the two camps.

Cue Steve-O and his YouTube declaration of intent

Considering Stephen Gilchrist Glover’s experience in pain, I’m really torn here. On one hand, Tom Cruise would wipe the floor with the kid, and the knockout bell would end the match no more than 30 seconds in. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to see Steve-O pull some Jackass-style kung-fu on the singer? Any blows Biebs would land would honestly probably not do a single thing.

In any case, children of the ’80s, gear up. This real life Celebrity Deathmatch hasn’t quite died yet, so you may get to relive one of your favorite stop-motion shows ever. And if you ask me, just as long as someone kicks Justin Bieber‘s ass, it doesn’t matter who he ends up fighting.