The Storm Cannot Be Stopped In Super Bowl Spot For Noah


For those not planning on tuning into the Super Bowl, it’s your lucky day. Paramount has gone ahead and released their Noah TV spot, the same one that will be shown this Sunday, online. Despite only featuring a handful of new shots, it’s still nice to see some more footage of one of the year’s most highly-anticipated releases.

With just under two months to go now until the film hits theatres, it looks like the marketing machine is starting to really pick up as it was only yesterday that we saw a new poster hit the web. I’m not complaining though. So far, I think Noah looks great and this new spot certainly does everything it can to sell the film, showing off larger than live flood scenes, an impressive cast and tons of mass destruction. It’s an attention-grabber, that’s for sure, and will no doubt hook a large number of people at home who are watching the big game.

Of course, the one remaining question mark here is how many creative liberties will Aronofsky take with the story and how will audiences react to his version of the events? So far, it looks like he’s straying quite a bit from the original Biblical tale but by the looks of it, I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Noah crashes into theatres on March 28th. Check out the Super Bowl spot below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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