Stormtroopers Being Used To Enforce Social Distancing At Disney Park


The COVID-19 coronavirus has ensured that the entire world has remained more or less shut down since it first began its attack earlier this year. Nearly 6 million people have been infected worldwide and 365,000 have died, while thousands of businesses have closed down to help mitigate the spreading of the virus. Now, as some of them attempt to reopen, especially in the United States, they’re doing so cautiously with plenty of social distancing and protection requirements in place to keep both their employees and customers safe.

Disney Springs, which is only a few short minutes from Orlando’s Disney World theme park, has employed some unexpected assistants to help enforce social distancing. The popular shopping and dining complex is now being patrolled by Star Wars stormtroopers, and though they may seem imposing, they’ve been sent out to be friendly and helpful as they work to ensure the safety of those eating at the various restaurants and perusing the stores. It’s quite an adorable and humorous way to keep the peace, and it seems to be working fairly well so far.

Disney Springs began reopening on May 20th, but Disney is going to take a bit more time to begin welcoming visitors back to their multiple theme parks in the area. Earlier this week, the company announced to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force that Disney World will begin a multi-stage reopening strategy on July 11th, starting with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom that day. A few days later on July 15th, Epcot and Hollywood Studios will finally swing their doors open once again.

It’s yet to be seen if Disney will choose stormtroopers to help enforce social distancing in their theme parks, too, but it’s safe to say that they’ll be taking some precautions to continue helping people stay safe. Either way, if you see the Seven Dwarfs walking around, just stay away from Sneezy.