New Study Names Vin Diesel As Action Cinema’s Most Dangerous Driver

Vin Diesel

Action movies are always going to remain one of the most popular genres of cinema, because there are few things better than relaxing after a long day by indulging in some mindless entertainment packed to the brim with shootouts, fistfights, car chases and explosions. That being said, nobody really considers the collateral damage that gets left behind.

The postmortem of any big budget actioner probably involves mountains of paperwork and more than a few insurance claims, seeing as countless vehicles are reduced to a smouldering pile of wreckage, while countless innocent bystanders and evil henchmen are wiped out without much of a second thought.

A new study by Car Scrap Comparison has now named Vin Diesel as the most dangerous driver in Hollywood, which is hardly surprising when he’s been the figurehead of the Fast & Furious franchise for 20 years. The tank top enthusiast has destroyed 61 vehicles on screen, 57 of which happened when he was behind the wheel. That puts him one ahead of Bruce Willis, who took second place after smashing up 60.

Inevitably, the rest of the rankings are filled out by some of cinema’s greatest action stars, with Hobbs & Shaw duo Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham bringing up the rear after being tied for tenth place. Arnold Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, pitches up in third position thanks to annihilating 52 vehicles during his illustrious career, followed by Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Nicolas Cage, but nobody comes close to matching Vin Diesel‘s tally.

Of course, he’s only set to extend his lead even further when Fast & Furious 9 finally arrives, and by all accounts it’s looking as though he’s going to be responsible for the destruction of something capable of interstellar travel.