Vin Diesel Refuses To Confirm Or Deny If Fast & Furious 9 Is Heading To Outer Space


It used to be a running joke among Fast & Furious fans that the movies had nowhere else to go but outer space after Dominic Toretto and his crew managed to destroy every form of vehicular transport on Earth during their escalating series of globetrotting adventures. However, with each passing installment it started to look more and more like it could actually happen, with the franchise leaning into the absurdity of the action sequences and raising the stakes higher with every new outing.

Ludacris hinted that F9 would cross the final frontier before Michelle Rodriguez basically confirmed it a little while after, but as the leading man and creative driving force of the entire saga, Vin Diesel isn’t going to give the game away that easily. Many properties have suffered from leaning too heavily into fan service, but Fast & Furious positively thrives on it, giving audiences exactly what they want to see each time the family gets together.

In a recent interview, Diesel was of course asked about the rumors that the next chapter could be journeying beyond the stars, and while his answer was probably intended to be non-committal, it certainly sounds as though it’s happening.

“No spoilers over here. I will say that Justin Lin is one of those ‘think outside of the box’ directors. I’d put nothing past him, and he will thoroughly play with whatever is plausible to incorporate into the story.”

The idea of the action star using the term ‘plausible’ in relation to Fast & Furious is funny because that’s the last word people would use to describe the high octane insanity that’s become the franchise’s calling card. In any case, the only question is if F9 does indeed head to outer space, then how is returning director Justin Lin possibly going to top it when the times comes for him to step back behind the camera for the epic two-part finale to The Fast Saga.

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