New Study Reveals Who The Richest Superheroes Are

Batman and Iron Man are two of the most popular superheroes on the planet, despite the fact that they don’t have any enhanced abilities of their own seemingly putting them at a disadvantage when compared to the majority of their costumed counterparts. Of course, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are also both incredibly wealthy billionaires that own their own massively successful companies, which at least gives them the edge on the technological front.

Fans have debated over which one of the duo can lay claim to the title of being the world’s richest superhero for a while now, and a new study from the United Kingdom’s Vanquis Bank has compiled a list of the 25 top wealthiest heroes from both Marvel and DC, finally answering the question.

The average findings are drawn from the profession of the superhero in question based on the city that they live, and for characters residing in fictional locations like Gotham and Metropolis, the estimate is taken from the real-world city that it resembles closest. As the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, then, Bruce Wayne is estimated to be raking in over $988,000 on an annual basis.

Right behind him is Tony Stark, who earns over $920,000 as the head of Stark Industries, with Oliver Queen in third after bringing in close to $895,000 as the CEO of Queen Consolidated. However, these are just base salaries, so Batman, Iron Man and Green Arrow will all be making considerably more when bonuses and dividends are factored in.

Spare a thought for poor Ant-Man, though, with Scott Lang’s menial job in Baskin Robbins placing him at the bottom of the pile with an income of $18,500, which is hardly reflective of someone who played such a key role in saving the universe in Avengers: Endgame.